What Can You Cook With Battered Flathead Fillets?

Coming from the Atlantic, Ocean, the battered flathead fillets have a mild taste and can be baked in an oven or deep fried. It is a sweet tasting, delicate fish that is designed for any pallet. While some may like their battered flathead fillet deep fried to accentuate the flavor, some other calorie counting fish lovers may want their fillet to be oven baked. You can enjoy your battered flathead fillets either way within ten minutes of putting them in the oven or deep fryer. The fillets do not take a long time to cook,, which makes these fillets even more desirable. But what can you cook with battered flathead fillets Read on to find some simple ways of spicing up this dish.


Green Leafy Vegetables

Why not cook your favorite green leafy vegetable to go with your battered flathead fillet meal. These can include: spinach, broccoli, asparagus, green beans or collard greens. Green leafy vegetables offer a great contrast from the light flavor of the fish.


Pasta Salads

There are great pasta salads that will go well with the battered flathead fillets. Get your favorite pasta salad from the store or make it from scratch to add to your battered flathead fillet meal.


French Fries

Thee is nothing like fish ‘n chips. Add French fries to a deep fried battered flathead fillet to get another flavor. No more counting calories, just pure enjoyment of a great tasting fish meal.


Macaroni and Cheese

No matter the dish, macaroni and cheese will always bring flavor to your meal. There is macaroni and chesses in the store, but of course the best is made from scratch. A great mild fish with all of that cheese is a great combination that your entire family will enjoy.


Baked Potato

If you decide to oven bake the battered flathead fillet, then add some starch while boiling a baked potato. you can add chives, sour cream, cheese or anything to your baked potato to bring a smile to your face at any meal.

The battered flathead fillet is a mild tasting, light fish that can be oven baked or deep fried. These are just some ideas of what you can cook with the battered flathead fillets? As you begin to get comfortable with the taste of the fish, you can add to this list for creating a meal that your family, friends and guests to your home can enjoy in the very near future.