How To Make Vegetarian Spring Rolls?

If you are visiting a Chinese restaurant, you will always see vegetarian spring rolls on the menu. They have become one of your favorite items to order from the restaurant. But how do you make these delicious vegetarian spring rolls? Read on to find out the best recipe for vegetarian spring rolls.


How To Make Vegetarian Spring Rolls?

You do not need to be a master in Chinese cuisine to make vegetarian spring rolls. There are many menus out there to create these delicious little delicacies. Keep in mind that fresh ingredients are the key. You may have to work with ingredients that are new to you, but it will be worth it in the end.

You will need the ingredients for the vegetables, the wet ingredients and the spring roll. You will also need a wok and some vegetable oil.


Vegetables Needed to Make Vegetarian Spring Rolls

The vegetables needed include:. Sliced cabbage, sliced red peppers, freshly sliced carrots, chopped bean sprouts and bamboo shoots, These will be kept separately as you begin to cook them in the wok with vegetable oil.


The Wet Ingredients Needed to Make Vegetarian Spring Rolls

The wed ingredients needed include: a light amount of pepper, sugar, sale, small amount of soy sauce and oyster sauce and chopped noodles. Add these to your vegetables, heat in your wok and vegetable oil and then set the mixture of vegetables and wet ingredients to the side for later.


Preparing Your Spring Roll With the Vegetable and Wet Ingredient Mixture

You will want to fill the mixture into your spring roll, folding from the left and then the right side until all of the spring rolls are finished. Remember only the vegetables and wet ingredients are to be placed inside the wok with vegetable oil. The spring roll does not need to be heated unless preferred. This is one of the best Asian cuisines that you will ever prepare. Remember that these vegetarian springs rolls are light in calories as well.



What a great meal to enjoy all year long, but particularly during the summer. Vegetarian Spring Rolls are a light, crisp meal that can be made with the entire family. Enjoy the art of Asian cuisine while learning how to make one of your favorites. Now that you know how to make vegetarian spring rolls, try the recipe out today with your family and friends. They will love the vegetarian spring rolls and love you for taking the time to cook them.